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Proposed Mass. RMV and Driving Laws


There is a bill pending which would outlaw aggressive driving in Massachusetts. House Bill 3585 makes it a violation of law to drive aggressively, maliciously or recklessly so that the safety of at least one other person might be endangered. The law requires the police to issue a traffic ticket to the violator and notify the Mass. RMV by filing an immediate threat form. This will result in an immediate suspension of the driver’s license or right to operate in Massachusetts. Examples of violations which might constitute “road rage” include speeding, following too closely, failure to give way to a passing vehicle, unsafe lane changes, purposely braking to endanger or annoy the operator of a following vehicle, threatening to commit bodily injury or another crime, menacing or obscene gesturing and unnecessary sounding of the horn. A “road rage” conviction would result in an automatic suspension of the person’s Class D License, as well as a revocation of the driver’s CDL.

Another proposed bill would require Massachusetts drivers to illuminate their headlights anytime the windshield wipers are in operation.

House Bill 3842 makes racial profiling by Massachusetts Police Officers illegal. It requires police to collect data on motor vehicle stops and establishes a committee to review the data collected to determine if racial profiling occurred.

House Bill 3637 would require the Mass. RMV to send out renewal notices to Massachusetts residents whose licenses are about to expire. This is apparently in response to the Registry’s decision to not send out license renewal notices, in an effort to save money. Considering that expiration dates are printed on everyone’s license, and sending renewal notices cost thousands of dollars, the decision to eliminate the renewal notices was a smart move.

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