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Proposed DUI Law will Revoke Liquor Licenses

Massachusetts Registry News

WBZ I-Team Reporter Kathy Curran has recently reported on new legislation sponsored by Senator Steven Baddour (D-Methuen), which would prevent those convicted of DUI from owning bars.

The proposed new DUI law was the product of an I-Team report by Kathy Curran regarding Jim Rooney, an individual with three (3) DUI convictions on his record and a resulting 8 year license revocation. Although Rooney could have applied to the Board of Appeal to be considered for a hardship license, he decided to drive while his license was suspended.

If he received a hardship license, the Board of Appeal and the Registry would required him to use an ignition interlock device. The I-Team caught Rooney driving without the ignition interlock or a hardship license, while his license was still under revocation for drunk driving.

Rooney is the owner of the Baseball Tavern, a popular bar which is located near Fenway Park in Boston. The establishment has a liquor license issued by the City of Boston.

The logic behind Senator Baddour’s proposed legislation is that those who cannot follow the laws regarding drinking and driving should not be entrusted with a liquor license and the responsibility to obey the alcohol laws associated with serving liquor.

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