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Out of State Traffic Violations

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is legally required to hold certain motor vehicle and other offenses such as DUI against Massachusetts residents and license holders, even when the violations occur out of state. With a large number of Mass. Residents vacationing  and spending the winters in Florida, DUI offenses and Florida traffic tickets often come back to haunt  Massachusetts residents or license holders.

If a Mass. Resident is convicted of DUI in Florida, the RMV will treat that offense as if it occurred here. This means that a DUI first offender will lose his or her right to drive for one (1) year. However, in some cases, a DUI lawyer may be able to get this one year loss of license reduced.

In Florida, police officers often cite motorists for “careless operation.” I’ve seen this charge used in numerous incidents involving minor car accidents. I’ve heard that Florida police officers must issue a citation where an accident occurs. Many officers cite drivers for “careless operation,” because it is such a low level offense in the State of Florida. These “careless driving” Florida traffic tickets will translate into 60 day automatic license suspensions in Massachusetts.

With the harsh and unforeseen penalties associated with Florida DUI convictions and other Florida traffic violations, it usually makes sense to retain a Florida traffic violation lawyer to fight the charges. Attorney Devon Porcella of Florida has achieved excellent results for those cited for traffic violations and addressed for operating under the influence in the State of Florida. With his help, Massachusetts residents may be able to avoid license suspension and other consequences associated with motor vehicle violations committed in Florida. 

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