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Operating After Suspension in Massachusetts


The consequences associated with driving on a suspended license are often underestimated and misunderstood. Being convicted of driving on a suspended license can carry stiff penalties including mandatory jail time and an automatic license suspension which is “stacked” on top of any existing suspension or revocation.

All convictions for driving on a suspended license will automatically trigger an addition license suspension, which will run “from and after” any current suspensions. Also, a conviction for operating after suspension on a license which was suspended for OUI will result in a minimum mandatory 60 day jail sentence.

A conviction for operating after suspension will likely result in a substantial increase of your insurance rates. Also, driving on a suspended license counts as a major infraction under the Mass. Habitual Traffic Offender Law. It can therefore trigger a 4 year revocation.

Finally, both the RMV Board of Appeal and the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles take the view that driving on a suspended license shows a conscious disregard for the law. This may make it difficult to obtain a hardship license.
Second or subsequent convictions for driving on a suspended license will result in increasing penalties and sentences. Massachusetts police officers are authorized to confiscate the license plates of anyone found driving his or her vehicle on a suspended license. Upon receipt of the plates and a police report indicating that the vehicle’s owner was operating after suspension, the Mass. RMV will revoke the vehicle’s registration.

With all of these consequences, it does not make sense to risk being arrested and prosecuted for driving while your license is suspended. It makes more sense to try to get a hardship license.

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