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Mom Accused of Endangering Child


A Mass. State Trooper arrested a New Hampshire woman on Tuesday, August 25th for DUI Drugs, Illegal Possession of a Class C Controlled Substance, Child Endangerment, Non-Inspection, Operating with a Cracked Windshield, Failure to Stay within Marked Lanes, and Failure to Have her 2 year old Child in a Car Seat.

In response to numerous cell phone calls, the Massachusetts State Police stopped the woman’s vehicle and found her 2 year old child unrestrained in the vehicle. The New Hampshire woman was arrested for the charges listed-above.

In circumstances such as this, it is highly doubtful that either the Registry or the Board of Appeal will even consider issuing a hardship license.


To prevent similar situations from occurring in New York, the legislature there is proposing a new “Child Protection Act.” Under this new DWI law, offenders could face jail time and would be mandated to use ignition interlock devices. Currently, in New York, the installation of ignition interlocks is left to judges’ discretion.


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