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Massachusetts Registry Will Not Accept Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

Massachusetts Registry News

In an effort to curb identity fraud, the Puerto Rican legislature recently passed a law which invalidates all Puerto Rican birth certificates issued before July 1, 2010. Since these documents are now legally invalid, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will not be accepting these documents as proof of identity. Only Puerto Rican birth certificates issued after July 1, 2010 will be accepted.

Those applying for Massachusetts Driver’s Licenses should be aware of this new rule, which the Mass. RMV rightfully imposed as a direct result of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico invalidating their birth certificates. Individuals who used these documents in the past to obtain Massachusetts Driver’s Licenses will not need to re-apply. However, new applicants will not be able to use them.

Puerto Rican birth certificates have long been used to obtain false driver’s licenses and other types of identification. Using these birth certificates Dominicans and others have routinely masqueraded as Puerto Ricans, because they are United States citizens. The new law is designed to reduce the number of fraudulent licenses and other identity related crimes. In partnership with the Mass. State Police, the Mass. RMV uses facial recognition software and other means to identify those who have committed driver’s license fraud.  

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