Your license will be suspended for 4 years if you receive a total of three major moving violations, or any combination of twelve major or minor moving violations with in any 5 year period. In most cases, both in-state and out of state violatons will count against you. At the end of the suspension period you will be required to pay a $530 reinstatement fee. You must have taken the National Safety Council Driver Re-Training Class to get reinstated. If your Mass. driving record is accurate, a 4 year suspension is mandatory under the Massachusetts HTO law. However, you can avoid the HTO revocation providing proof that any of the HTO violations are under appeal or that any of the decisions have been reversed through the court system.

Actions taken on 5 surchargeable events, 7 surchargeable events, and Habitual Traffic Offenders (HTO) remain independent of one another. If you have past or current suspensions, you must serve each suspension or revocation independently.

It may be possible to get a hardship license on a Habitual Traffic Offender License Suspension after you have served 1 year of the mandatory 4 year loss of license. Hardship licenses are available by appealing to the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Registry Board of Appeal, after 1 year of the 4 year license revocation has been served.