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Questions & Answers re: NDR & Out of State Issues

Mass. RMV Q&A

Question: I received a DUI in the State of New Hampshire in October of 2012. I am moving to Massachusetts and am looking to find out how to get my license back, so I do not lose my job.

Answer: MassDOT will not issue you a Massachusetts driver’s license if your license or right to operate is under suspension or revocation in any other state. Without this requirement, drunk drivers could simply move around to avoid mandatory DUI license suspensions. In order to get a license in Massachusetts, you must first fully reinstate your New Hampshire license. Once you have done this, the New Hampshire DMV will remove the hold in the Problem Driver Pointer System of the National Driver Register and you can convert your New Hampshire license to a Massachusetts License.

Question: second dui out of state …I am here in Massachusetts working for several months and have been abiding by the law and not driving and taking cab to and from work, which is getting expensive and tedious….Can I get a hardship license here while I am working?

Can a person with dui working here from another state get a temp hardship license?….I have and will be here working for quite a while and a cab to and from work is getting cumbersome NOT to mention expensive.

Answer: No. You must be a resident of Massachusetts to get a Massachusetts Driver’s License. Also, the Registry will check you in the National Driver Register and the RMV will not issue you a Massachusetts license of any kind, including a hardship license, while your license or right to drive is suspended or revoked in any other state. If it were not for this rule, convicted drunk drivers and habitual traffic offenders could move from state to state to avoid license suspensions.

Question: I received a letter from MA RMV that they intend to revoke my license based on info from NDR and the state of Florida. I never had a license in Florida! My first name and DOB match an individual that has lost his license. Florida faxed me a letter stating that I have no record of a driver’s license and MA will not take it! They want a letter with the ref # on it and Florida is not willing to send it without a lot of paperwork. I drive for a living and have already burnt a day of being on hold and getting nowhere.

Answer: If there is a National Driver Register (NDR) block which matches your information, the Registry gives you thirty (30) days notice to clear the block. If you are unable to clear the NDR block within 30 days, the Registry is required to indefinitely revoke your Massachusetts Driver’s License. You cannot reinstate your license until the NDR hold is cleared. In this case, the Registry is simply requiring that the State of Florida include, in the “not the same person” letter, the reference number which corresponds with the NDR record which triggered the revocation. This requirement appears to be reasonable and the Florida DMV should comply. In this case, the reference number is probably the Florida license number of the person whose license is under revocation.

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