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Mass. RMV Opens New Branch in Charlton


In an effort to save money, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is closing some of its branches and encouraging customers to use the Registry’s on-line system to avoid longer driving and waiting times. Many Registry transactions can be completed on-line, so that a trip to a Registry Branch is not necessary. We all like to hate the Registry and complain about cuts. However, Registrar Kaprielian implemented the cuts and branch closing in a very thoughtful way, so as to minimize public inconvenience while saving money. She had to cut her budget by $13 Million, and consumers are undoubtedly going to feel a cut that big. However, in keeping with today’s electronic era, she improved the Registry’s on-line transaction system so you can now get your Massachusetts Driving Record on-line and do other transactions which previously required a trip to the Registry.

Taking advantage of state owned property, Registrar Kaprielian closed some buildings which the Registry was renting and opened others in state-owed buildings, to avoid paying on-going rental costs. For example, on August 10, 2009, the RMV opened a full service branch in Charlton, MA on the Mass. Turnpike. This move saves the $60,000.00 per year by allowing the RMV to close the Southbridge branch. Times are tough and this seems like a smart move. The new RMV branch can be reached by Route 20 or from the eastbound lane of the Mass. Pike.

Remember if your license is suspended or revoked or you are trying to get a Massachusetts Hardship License, you will need to see a Registry Hearing Officer. You can only go to certain Registry branches which hold license suspension and revocation hearings.

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