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Mass. RMV Conducts Statewide School Bus Sting


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles recently teamed up with local police in a statewide crackdown on drivers who illegally pass school buses. The operation resulted in the issuance of hundreds of traffic citations for failing to stop for a school bus. A first offense results in a $250 citation which counts against the driver for license suspension and insurance purposes. A second citation for illegally passing a school bus within two years costs results in a $1,000 fine and a 180 day license suspension.

This is the 5th year of this operation, which the police and Mass. RMV conduct shortly after the start of the school year to remind motorists of the dangers associated with passing a school bus. Police officers riding with Registry officials use marked and unmarked vehicles to observe violations. Motorists found passing the school buses are stopped and cited.

Passing a school bus is a dangerous violation and even police cruisers and emergency vehicles with their emergency lights flashing are not allowed to do so. School bus drivers report the license plate numbers of those who pass busses to the police or the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV will send warning letters to motorists and those who receive two warnings are called in for a license suspension hearing. Passing a school bus in one of the 64 ways to have your license suspended.

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