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License Revoked? You cannot even drive a Moped or Scooter in Mass.

Massachusetts Registry News

If the Registry suspends your license or right to drive in Massachusetts, you cannot even legally drive a moped or motorized scooter. Under Massachusetts law, a valid Massachusetts learner’s permit or driver’s license is required to operate mopeds or scooters. This means that a license suspension prevents you from legally driving not only a car and motorcycle, but also a motorized scooter or moped.

Many people who are serving long license suspensions are interested in driving mopeds or scooters, so that they can legally transport themselves to and from work. However, without a hardship license or full license reinstatement, this is illegal. The loss of a license can be crippling and being able to drive a scooter or moped sounds like a sensible solution to a major problem.

The loss of someone’s license can have a major impact on the individual without a license and that person’s friends, family, co-workers, and employer. Nevertheless, those with suspended or revoked licenses cannot legally rely on mopeds or motorized scooters to get to and from work, school, or medical appointments.

Unfortunately, those have lost their licenses due to drunk driving convictions, breathalyzer refusal suspensions, habitual traffic offender revocations, 7 surchargeable events, false licenses, reckless driving, or many other suspension reasons cannot rely on mopeds and scooters. This makes getting a hardship license that much more important.

Fortunately, lawyers are available to help those who are seeking work licenses. If you are suffering with a license suspension or revocation, you may be able to shorten your suspension or get a 12 hour hardship license. Call today for a no obligation review of your suspension case.

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