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Ignition Interlock Device Removal


If you are required to have the Ignition Interlock Device, you must use the device while you are on any hardship license and for an additional two (2) years after having the hardship “H” restriction removed from your driver’s license. The 2 year clock does not start running until you are on a fulltime 24 hour license.

Once you have served a full 2 years with the IID and you have experienced no lockouts, violations, or infractions for the previous 6 month period, you can seek removal of the “Z” restriction. The first step is to have a final download performed by your interlock service provider. The purpose of this download is to confirm that you did not have a lockout within 180 days from your removal date.

After your final download, you must appear at any full service Registry branch for an Ignition Interlock Device Removal Hearing. If a lockout occurs 6 months prior to your removal date, your time on the Ignition Interlock Program will be extended for an additional six (6) months from the date of the most recent IID violation.

The only legal way to have an ignition interlock device removed is with the stamped, written authorization of a Registry Hearings Officer. Massachusetts Ignition Interlock providers will not remove devices without the Registry’s permission.

Neither the Registry of Motor Vehicles nor the Board of Appeal with authorize the early removal of an ignition interlock device on the grounds of hardship, cost, or inconvenience. The length of an ignition interlock restriction is governed solely by when the driver has the hardship removed and/or is issued a full unrestricted Massachusetts Driver’s License.

With the Registry’s permission, you can have the ignition interlock device removed prior to serving the full 2 year term. However, when this occurs, the RMV will immediately revoke your license and you will not be given credit for the time that your license is revoked. You may not operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts during this revocation period.

If you have your IID equipped motor vehicle repossessed, totaled, or disabled, you must immediately notify a Registry Hearings Officer and seek authorization to have the device removed. This will result in the immediate revocation of your driver’s license. Once you obtain a new vehicle, execute a new IID package, and have the IID installed in the new vehicle, the Registry will reinstate your driver’s license.

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