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Ignition Interlock Device Installation

Ignition Interlock Devices

You must select a vehicle to have the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed into. You do not have to own the vehicle but you must have the owner’s written permission to have the IID installed. The vehicle does not have to be registered at the time of installation.

You must submit an Ignition Interlock Operator’s Affidavit to a Registry Hearing Officer to be approved for installation. This will require a Registry hearing. Anyone who lives in your household who has a valid driver’s license must sign an “other licensed resident affidavit.”

Once you are approved for IID installation, you can have the IID installed. If the vehicle is not registered, you can have it towed to the installer.

Once the IID is installed you must submit proof of installation to the Registry. Sometimes the Registry gets electronically notified of installation by the IID vendor such as Smart Start or Intoxalock. However, in most cases, a RMV hearing is required to provide proof of installation.

Once a Registry Hearing Officer sees that the ignition interlock device has been installed, her or she will post your reinstatement fees, which you can pay online via the Registry’s website.

Upon payment of the reinstatement fees, your DUI suspension will no longer be in effect. This will allow you to obtain car insurance and register the vehicle. If your license has not expired, it should be active and you can legally drive. If your license has expired during the DUI suspension period, then you will be able to renew it.

Anyone whose license has been suspended for 2 years or more is required to pass written and road tests. If this applies to you, after paying the required reinstatement fees you can schedule your written test and get your learner’s permit. Once you have the permit, you can schedule a road test.

You must take the road test in the vehicle that has the IID installed. You cannot legally own, lease, or operate any other vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a center console emergency brake, you must notify the Registry when booking the road test.

Once the IID is installed, you must have it calibrated every 25-30 days on your assigned calibration date. If you are even one day late, that will be considered a missed service visit and 2 missed service visits will generate a 10-year license suspension.

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