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Fraudulent License Hearings

Massachusetts Registry News

The Special Investigations Unit of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles catches large numbers of people with fake licenses. Through the use of sophisticated facial recognition software, and other means, the Compliance Unit of the Massachusetts State Police and RMV personnel assigned to detect license fraud routinely detect individuals who have licenses in other names.

When a fraudulent license is detected, the Registry immediately revokes both licenses and calls the driver in for a hearing. License fraud is a felony which can result in 5 years imprisonment and an automatic revocation of your driver’s license. It is a serious matter. You should be represented by a lawyer at your hearing before the Special Investigations Unit of the Registry.  A lawyer can help you explain your situation and prove your identity. You will never get another license in Massachusetts, or anywhere, unless and until you can satisfy the Registry Hearings Officer as to your true identity. The Board of Appeal will not hear any license suspension appeal while there is a hold on the person’s license due to a fraudulent license complaint.

At some point, the Registry will merge both driving records. This may trigger suspensions for traffic violations and criminal convictions. Merging the records may also require the driver with the false license to pay any unpaid tickets or other financial obligations. If outstanding arrest warrants are discovered, the driver will likely be arrested by the State Police and booked on any outstanding criminal charges.

The Registry treats license fraud seriously, and rightfully so. If you have received a letter accusing you of having a false license, you should contact a lawyer. Trying to handle these cases in your own is not may not be a smart move, as they can be complicated and confusing.  Preparing for the false license hearing in advance can increase your chances of success and it may minimize the consequences of having a false license.

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