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Excessively Tinted Windows Can Trigger License Loss

Massachusetts Registry News

There are many benefits to having your windows tinted. Tint can reduce heat and glare. It can also protect you from UV rays and keep your valuables outside of the view of potential thieves. It also gives you some privacy. However, making your windows too dark can result in fines and the revocation of your Massachusetts Driver’s License. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend or revoke your driver’s license for a period of ninety (90) days upon a 3rd or subsequent conviction for having windows which are excessively tinted. The Massachusetts tint law states that a window is excessively tinted if it has “a total visible light reflectance of not more than 35% or a visible light transmittance of not less than 35%.” Many Massachusetts Police Officers and State Troopers are equipped with tint meters which can be used to accurately measure window tint. Also, the Massachusetts Registry requires Mass. Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations to reject vehicles for windows which are excessively tinted.

There are exceptions to the tint law, which allows dark tint for law enforcement, vehicles registered out of state, and window treatments determined necessary by a licensed physician with the approval of the RMV medical advisory board. It is illegal to sell or equip a vehicle which is in violation of the tint law. The law calls for a fine of $250.00 for having excessive tint and license suspensions for 3rd and subsequent offenders. The RMV will not consider drivers for hardship licenses for excessive tint suspensions. However, it may be possible to get a limited 12 hour hardship license by going to the Board of Appeal. Those seeking hardship relief should have proof that the tint has been removed or the excessively tinted vehicle has been taken off the road.

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