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Driving with a Suspended License in Boston: Consequences and Penalties


You don’t have to be able to drive in the modern world to survive — technically. Unfortunately, a lack of driving privileges can make life much harder. This can result in job loss, a restricted social life, limited independence, and a host of other negative outcomes. Unfortunately, driving with a suspended license in Boston can cause even bigger issues.

Everyone understands that being able to drive is sometimes necessary. However, police won’t care about your story if they pull you over on a suspended license. This is why it’s so important for you to understand your rights and options. The consequences of driving with a suspended license are severe, but it may be possible to avoid them.

Penalties for Driving With a Suspended License in Boston

Many people view the loss of their license as an administrative issue. In some ways, this is absolutely true. After all, it’s the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) that issues, suspends, and reinstates driving privileges. However, driving without a license isn’t just administrative. It’s seen as a crime in Massachusetts, and thus, there are penalties.

If you’re charged with driving on a suspended license in Boston, you could actually end up going to jail. For a first offense, your maximum sentence will be 10 days. However, you’ll face a mandatory fine and an additional 60-day suspension as well. If you’re arrested for a subsequent offense, you’ll also face a longer suspension. However, you could end up in jail for a year.

Clearly, you don’t want to get caught driving with a suspended license in Boston. Fortunately, understanding the law may help you avoid such an outcome.

Reasons for Massachusetts Driver’s License Suspensions

If you’ve received a notice that your license has been suspended, it’s important that you fully understand why. This will help you recognize how long the suspension will be and whether you have options to stay on the road. Of course, when most people think of suspensions, they immediately think of operating a vehicle under the influence (OUI).

While an impaired driving charge is certainly one way to lose a license, it’s far from the only way. In fact, Boston residents have had their driver’s licenses suspended for the following reasons:

  • Accumulating speeding tickets
  • Habitual traffic offenses
  • Drag racing
  • Medical issues
  • Refusing a blood alcohol test
  • Fleeing the scene of an accident
  • Vehicle identification offenses
  • Violating controlled substance laws
  • Incompetence

As you can see, it’s possible for a person to lose their license even if they’ve committed no crime. Additionally, this list is far from exhaustive. There are many other issues that could result in a person’s driving privileges being revoked. Unfortunately, this is often the first occurrence in a sequence of events that leads to charges of driving on a suspended license in Boston.

However, you don’t have to find yourself in such a situation.

How Can You Avoid Additional Criminal Charges?

So, your driver’s license has been suspended. You’re probably wondering what your options are. Fortunately, there usually are options available. For instance, you can appeal many decisions that affect your ability to drive. If your license was suspended due to medical issues or incompetence, an attorney can help fight back.

Of course, there’s also the chance that you lost your license due to criminal charges. Unfortunately, appealing such charges will not always be an ideal solution. However, a license suspension isn’t necessarily the end of the story. In many cases, you can have your license reinstated after just a short time.

Of course, this won’t always be true. Perhaps you’ve got a long license suspension in Boston ahead of you, but abiding by the rules will cause an undue hardship. As evidenced by the name, that’s exactly what hardship licenses are for. The state may issue a provisional license in order to help you continue going to work, school, or other necessary commutes.

After Being Charged With Driving on a Suspended License in Boston

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However, witty parables mean very little once you’re already facing charges of driving on a suspended license in Boston. If you’ve been charged with this crime, it’s important for you to understand your rights and options. While this charge may seem like a “slam dunk” for prosecutors, this isn’t always the case.

In fact, there are actually several defenses that can avoid a conviction. For instance, it may be possible to prove that you didn’t even know your license was suspended. Improper notification and other issues can lead to this issue. It may also be possible to argue that an emergency situation made driving the only reasonable decision at the time.

These are just two examples, but there are many others that can help fight charges of driving on a suspended license in Boston. It’s also possible that an experienced attorney could help get charges reduced and avoid a longer suspension. Contact us today at The Law Office of Brian Simoneau by calling (508)-625-5776. We’re here to help.

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