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Driving on a Revoked License: Charges Dismissed

Massachusetts Registry News

On November 11th of last year, one of our clients was found driving on Route 95 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. She was stopped by a police officer who noticed that she had a brake light which was not working. Normally, this would have resulted in the issuance of a $35. 00 ticket for defective equipment. However, Registry had revoked the 23 year old woman’s license for 4 years, as a habitual traffic offender. She was charged with not only the defective equipment but also for driving on a revoked license.

Fortunately, she contacted my office and Attorney Paul Watkins was assigned to represent her in the Wrentham District Court. Through his representation, the driving on a revoked license charge was recently dismissed and she was found not responsible for the defective equipment violation. The favorable outcome which Attorney Watkins achieved saved this woman from another 4 year habitual traffic offender revocation as well as a new 60 day suspension for driving on a revoked license. Also, being convicted of these charges would have made it considerably more difficult for the woman to obtain a hardship license.

If you are facing driving-related criminal charges, call today or fill out the contact form for a free consultation and review of your situation. Don’t risk fines, new suspensions, and jail.

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