If you defaulted on a criminal citation and the court has issued a Criminal Citation Default, the RMV is required to suspend your license or right to operate until you appear at the court to clear the Default. When the court notifies the RMV of a court default, the RMV is required by law to send a notice of suspension to the address of record.

Once you contact the court and clear the default, the court must forward an Amended Court Abstract to the Registry. Most often, it’s your responsibility to hand carry this to a full service RMV. There is a $10.00 filing fee to remove each default. In addition, you must pay a $100.00 driver’s license reinstatement fee to have your license or right to operate restored.

Note: In some cases, a court may have issued both an Arrest Warrant and a Criminal Citation Default for the same incident. This would generate two separate indefinite suspensions that stay in effect until resolved with the court. Once cleared with the court, you may need to submit a Warrant Recall to the RMV and pay a $100.00 reinstatement fee.