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COMP FRAUD LIC/ID Indefinite Revocations

Massachusetts Registry News

If you have received a letter from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles which states that your license is indefinitely revoked for “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID,” this means that the Registry has found evidence that you fraudulently obtained a license or identification card. In most cases, these “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID”  revocations are triggered when the Registry finds someone’s photograph on two different licenses.

Knowingly making a false statement on a Massachusetts learner’s permit or driver’s license application carries a minimum criminal sentence of at least 2 weeks and up to 2 years imprisonment, as well as an automatic license suspension.

You cannot get your license reinstated by going to a hearing at a regular Registry branch. Instead, you must meet with a Registry hearings officer at the Special Investigations Unit of the RMV, which is located at 10 Park Plaza in Boston. Appointments must be scheduled in advance and “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID”  cases are not heard on a walk-in basis.

You must bring certain documents to your false license hearing, to prove your true identity, and you will be asked questions regarding how and why you made false statements on a driver’s license application. You are entitled to be represented by a lawyer at this hearing and I strongly recommend it.

Some believe that they are free from liability because the Registry did not actually issue a license based on the false information. This is not true. Once the application containing the false statements is submitted to the Registry, the crime is complete.  It does not matter that no physical license was actually issued.

If your license has been suspended because of “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID,” contact me today for a free consultation. I have helped a number of grateful clients deal with this issue and get their licenses reinstated.

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