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Comp Fraud Lic/Id Hearings

Massachusetts Registry News

With the RMV’s facial recognition system, the Registry is uncovering false license records which were generated many years ago. If you have received a letter from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles stating that your right to operate has been revoked indefinitely due to a comp fraud lic/id, that means that the Registry believes that you have provided false information on a Massachusetts Driver’s License application or another RMV document.

The Registry is rightfully concerned about false identities and people getting driver’s licenses in other people’s names. A driver’s license is a key identification document which many rely upon as trustworthy proof of a person’s true identity.  Therefore, the Registry takes comp fraud lic/id and fraudulent license cases seriously.

If the Registry has sent you a letter stating that your license is revoked due to a “comp fraud lic/id indefinite,” the Registry will not allow you to reinstate your license or right to drive unless and until the special investigations unit of the Registry is satisfied as to your true identity. You must appear personally at a hearing at the Registry’s special investigations unit to address any false information allegedly provided.

False license hearings must be scheduled in advance and walk-in appointments are not available. Once information suggesting that fraud occurred, there is no way to get your license or right to drive back without first appearing at this hearing. The Board of Appeal and Registry hearings officers will not hear any suspension or revocation appeal until you have been cleared by the Registry’s Special Investigations Unit. Unlike regular suspension hearings, which are held at 630 Washington Street in Boston, fraudulent license hearings are held at the RMV SIU which is located at 10 Park Plaza in Boston.

You have the right to be represented by an attorney at your false license hearing and legal representation is a good idea. If your license has been suspended or revoked due to a fraudulent license complaint, contact Attorney Brian E. Simoneau via e-mail ( or via phone at 508-656-0057. Attorney Simoneau has successfully handled a large number of these appeals.

You will have to pay a $500.00 reinstatement fee to reinstate your driver’s license if it was revoked due to a fraud lic/id complaint.

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