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CDL Enforcement & Suspensions Likely to Increase

Massachusetts Registry News

Those with Commercial Driver’s Licenses should be aware that a federal grant may increase commercial motor vehicle enforcement in Massachusetts. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced the availability of grant funding which can be used to train police officers to carry out Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement and other programs to insure that CDL drivers and vehicles comply with Federal U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations which govern commercial motor vehicles. This grant program is part of a nationwide highway safety effort which is designed to reduce the number of CDL accidents and fatalities on the roadways.

The Massachusetts Registry of Vehicles and the US Department of Transportation currently regulate Commercial Drivers Licenses and they enforce CDL standards for suspensions, denials, and disqualifications. These complex state and federal laws and regulations can have a harsh effect, even when the underlying violation does not involve a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). For example, a First Offense DUI will result in a 1 year CDL License Suspension and a 2nd offense DUI will result in a lifetime CDL suspension / disqualification. It does not matter whether the DUIs occurred in Massachusetts or elsewhere. This is just one example of CDL license penalties.

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