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Carr Wrong to Criticize Judge’s Hardship License


Boston Herald Columnist Howie Carr usually hits the mark. However, in his recent column regarding Massachusetts Superior Court Justice Christine McEvoy, he unfairly implies that she got special treatment in the form of a hardship license. However, the truth is that Judge McEvoy got exactly the same treatment as any Mass. DUI First Offender. She was arrested, booked, offered a breathalyzer, and arraigned, just like anyone else who is charged with DWI in Massachusetts. She admitted that there were sufficient facts for a conviction and decided to “plead out.” She was given a 24D First Offender Disposition and had the legal right to apply for a hardship license upon entry into the 24D Alcohol Education Program.  By statements such as “[b]ut apparently some suspensions aren’t quite as automatic as others.” Carr tries to suggest that McEvoy dodged an automatic license suspension. This is plainly wrong. The Mass. RMV gave her the license which the law allowed her, and thousands of others, to get.

To add insult to injury, Carr then unfairly attacks Judge McEvoy’s brother John, a respected Middlesex County Prosecutor, implying that he’s an overpaid hack. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never met the man. However, know that he has been with the Middlesex DA’s office for a long time and he has a very good reputation. I also know that Massachusetts prosecutors are grossly underpaid. Instead of lucrative careers in the private sector, the dedicate themselves to public service and get nowhere near the compensation they deserve. Judge McEvoy started out as a prosecutor in Middlesex. She worked hard, distinguished herself, and became a well-respected, intelligent, and fair judge. She made a mistake and, for that, she was treated no differently than anyone else. Neither the Court nor the Registry of Motor Vehicles gave her any special treatment. 

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