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Am I Required to have the Ignition Interlock Device?


Not a week goes by where at least one person asks about whether or not he or she needs to have an ignition interlock device. Here is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions.

If you have two or more OUI, DWI, DUI, DWAI, or “drunk driving” convictions on your record, no matter when or where the offense occurred, and you are reinstating your suspended or revoked license after January 1, 2006 or coming off of a hardship license after January 1, 2006, or you are converting to a license from another state to a Massachusetts License, you are legally required to have the interlock device for 2 years. This is required by Melanie’s Law.

Also, if you are a second or subsequent offender and you are trying to get a DUI hardship license, you will need interlock for the entire term of the hardship license.

There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Like the Registry, the Board of Appeal takes a zero tolerance approach when it comes to interlock requirements. If you are legally required to have interlock, there is no way around it.

If you are accused of an ignition interlock violation, please contact me. I have an outstanding track record in ignition interlock defense cases.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau

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