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Advice from Massachusetts Ignition Interlock Lawyer

Massachusetts Registry News

Massachusetts has the harshest ignition interlock penalties in the country and, if you have an interlock restricted driver’s license, more than just alcohol readings can trigger a 10 year or lifetime license revocation.  Here are some potential causes for Massachusetts ignition interlock license suspensions, which many people may not be aware of.

First, interlock users are required to bring the interlock-equipped vehicle to the service provider to have the data downloaded each and every month. Missed interlock service visits will result in the issuance of a violation notice and the scheduling of a RMV hearing.  The Registry enforces this monthly monitoring requirement with a zero-tolerance approach. This means that even if the vehicle is not drivable or it has mechanical problems, you must have it towed to the interlock service provider to have the data downloaded.

Secondly, relying on advice from the interlock service providers regarding ignition interlock removal or other such matters may cost you the right to drive for 10 years or life. Only the Registry of Motor Vehicles has the authority to grant early ignition interlock removal and only after a hearing where a RMV hearing officer reviews the interlock user’s record and determines that there have been no alcohol readings or interlock violations during the 6 month period immediately preceding the removal.

Third, missing rolling re-tests is considered a violation which may result in the suspension of your driver’s license. One way to avoid missed rolling re-tests is to turn the engine off and not leave it idling. Many people forget this and leave the car running in the winter for the heat or in the summer for the air conditioning.  Rolling re-tests are required anytime the engine is running and not only when the car is being driven.

Finally, registering a car in your name without the interlock device is a violation. The IID must be on each and every vehicle which you own, lease, or drive. In one case, an interlock-required driver registered his wife’s car in his name, because he had a better credit score. He had two interlock-equipped vehicles and never drove his wife’s car. Nevertheless, because he was listed as the owner of a non interlock equipped vehicle, the Registry revoked his driver’s license for life. He will likely get it reinstated on appeal.

Following this advice, from a Massachusetts Ignition Interlock Lawyer may prevent you from going through a Registry Ignition Interlock Violation Hearing and perhaps losing your license for 10 years or life. If you are facing an ignition intelrock violation for alcohol readings or any other reason, contact Attorney Brian E. Simoneau for a free consultation and case review. Attorney Simoneau is an expert on the ignition intelrock device and he has successfully handled a large number of intelrock violation cases.

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