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5 Surchargable Event Suspensions

Massachusetts Registry News

The Mass. RMV will automatically suspend your driver’s license if you accumulate any combination of 5 moving violations (citations / tickets) and/or surchargeable accidents within any 3-year period. If your license is suspended for 5 surchargable events, you cannot get any type of hardship or work license. If your driving record is accurate, the RMV will not reinstate your driver’s license unless and until you take the required remedial driving class.

You have 90 days to provide proof that an 8 hour National Safety Council course has been completed. To schedule a Safety Course call 800-215-1581. Once the course is completed the National Safety Council will electronically notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the pending suspension will be cleared without a reinstatement fee. This course is also required for reinstatements from habitual traffic offender revocations and JOL speeding violations. If you fail to complete and pass the course within the 90 day time frame, the suspension will become effective on the date listed on the notice. The National Safety Council course must still be completed, and a $100 reinstatement fee will be due. This suspension is mandatory under Massachusetts law.

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