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3 Surchargeable Events Suspensions

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) enforces strict measures regarding license suspensions based on the accumulation of moving violations and accidents within a two-year period. If a driver amasses three or more surchargeable events or at-fault accidents within this timeframe, the RMV is mandated by law to suspend the license or right to operate in Massachusetts. This law, which came into effect on September 30, 2010, lowered the threshold from five to three violations. It’s important to note that only adjudications from September 30, 2010, onward contribute to this tally.

Upon reaching this threshold, drivers have a window of ninety (90) days to furnish proof to the RMV of completion of an 8-hour National Safety Council Course, known as the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Course. This course aims to address driving behaviors and attitudes to prevent future incidents. Failure to complete this course within the stipulated time results in an automatic suspension of driving privileges, accompanied by a $100.00 reinstatement fee upon course completion.

The RMV provides avenues for enrollment in the NSC course, accessible by contacting the National Safety Council directly at 1-800-215-1581. Once successfully completed, the NSC notifies the RMV electronically, promptly clearing the pending license suspension without additional fees.

However, if a driver fails to take and pass the required course within the specified period, the RMV is legally obligated to indefinitely suspend driving privileges until the course is completed and the RMV is notified.

Drivers facing this suspension have the right to a hearing to challenge the accuracy of their driving record. However, for cases involving three surchargeable events, the primary focus of the hearing is verifying the accuracy of the driving record. Presenting substantial evidence to refute the record’s contents is essential in such hearings.

To assist drivers in understanding and fulfilling these requirements, the National Safety Council conducts the mandatory Driver Retraining Program. Drivers receive registration information directly from the NSC, but if they haven’t received it, they can access it through the NSC website or by calling 1-800-215-1581.

In cases where a suspension is imminent due to three surchargeable events, taking the required course(s) before the suspension takes effect is the most effective way to avoid license suspension and associated reinstatement fees. Upon successful reinstatement after a suspension, drivers are subject to a one-time reinstatement fee of $100.00, plus a $50.00 surcharge, totaling $150.00. This fee is payable only once, even if a hardship license is granted subsequently.

For more information or legal assistance regarding license suspensions and hardship license eligibility, individuals can contact Attorney Brian E. Simoneau at 508-656-0057.

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