Massachusetts RMV in Boston

Massachusetts RMV in Boston

The main branch of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is located at 136 Blackstone Street in Boston, Massachusetts. It is accessible by public transportation by taking the Haymarket T Stop.

The Registry’s Driver Control Unit, which handles license suspensions, reinstatements, and hardship license hearings is located at this branch. The Mass. RMV in Boston is the only location where RMV Breathalyzer Refusal Hearings are held.

The Registry’s Medical Affairs Branch, which deals with Competency Road Tests and Immediate Threat Medical Revocations is also located here.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles Ignition Interlock Department currently holds Ignition Interlock Violation Hearings at this location. These hearings must be scheduled in advance. Accused interlock violators are notified of these hearings in writing by mail.

If you are visiting the Boston RMV for a license suspension hearing, you should be prepared to wait a considerable amount of time for a hearing. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of hearings and the very limited number of hearings officers, it could take a couple of hours to get a hearing. I have found that the hearings officers are working as fast as they can to service customers and the delays can be attributed to the insufficient number of hearings officers to handle the workload, especially during peak times. The staff works as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, there are simply not enough hearing officers to handle the demand. I recommend bringing a good book, laptop, or ipad.

If you are interested in legal representation at the Boston RMV, contact a Mass. License Suspension Lawyer.