Mass. RMV Hearing Procedures

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles conducts hearings only at certain locations such as the branches located in Braintree, Lawrence, Springfield, Worcester, Fall River, Wilmington and 136 Blackstone Street, Boston, 3rd floor. Hearings are conducted during normal business hours. 
In order to obtain a license reinstatement hearing, the customer must complete a hearing form and provide his or her identifying information. This information is used by the RMV Hearing Officer to check the customerís driving and criminal records in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Registry Hearing Officers will also check the Problem Driver Pointer System of the National Driver Register to see if the customerís right to operate has been suspended or revoked in any other state or jurisdiction. If any out of state DUI offenses are found anywhere, they will be added to the customerís Massachusetts Driving Record and this may trigger new DUI suspensions. 
Once the customer’s  record is thoroughly reviewed, the actual hearing will commence and the customer will have an opportunity to present evidence to the hearing officer. If the hearing officer agrees to reinstate the customerís license or issue a hardship license, the customer will be allowed to pay the required reinstatement fee and the hearing will be concluded. 
In some cases, the hearing officer may continue the hearing and not render a decision. This usually happens if the hearing officer needs more documents, evidence, or information to make his or her decision. The customer will be advised of the outcome via phone or e-mail. 
If the hearing officer refuses to grant a reinstatement or hardship license, the customer has the right to appeal the adverse decision to the Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance. The RMV Hearing Officer will provide the customer with an appeal form and filing instructions. It is generally not advisable to appear before the Board of Appeal without a lawyer. 
There are different hearing procedures for Ignition Interlock Violation Hearings, which are electronically recorded, and Chemical Test Refusal Hearings, which are only held in Boston.