Mass. Inspection Station Defense

Using field investigators and other means, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles aggressively investigates and prosecutes inspection station violations. These violations can result in a suspension or revocation of the inspector or station’s license to perform motor vehicle inspections. These suspensions and revocations can cost thousands in lost revenue. Also, they cause public inconvenience and the loss of loyal customers by forcing them to go elsewhere for their inspection stickers. Often, the punishment does not fit the "crime." 

Common violations include Failure to maintain inspection bay in proper manner, Failure to properly keep required records, Failure to reject vehicles as required, Issuing inspection stickers without performing a complete inspection, and the failure to have on hand required equipment in proper working condition. Other Mass. Inspection Station violations include failing to perform required emissions testing or “clean scanning,” where one vehicle is tested for emissions and the passing sticker is applied to another vehicle which is not tested. Mass. Inspectors also sometimes get cited for using the password of another inspector.

If you have been issued a violation notice for any inspection violation, you are entitled to a hearing before the Registry of Motor Vehicles, where substantial evidence regarding the alleged violations must be produced. If the Registry finds against you, as it almost always does, you have the right to appeal to the Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance. The Board has the power to reverse or modify the Registry’s action. You are entitled to representation at every step of the hearing process and a good lawyer can make the difference between having to serve the suspension or being able to operate your inspection station.

For years, I have successfully represented hundreds of clients before the Board of Appeal. I have an outstanding track record when it comes to license suspensions and hardship license appeals. Having seen a large number of inspection station violations being brought before the Board with questionable evidence, I have began defending Massachusetts inspection stations. I represented my first inspection station client at no charge and, with my assistance, both the station and inspector were able to avoid costly license suspensions resulting from multiple alleged violations. If you are facing an inspection station violation, contact me today for a free consultation.