How to Obtain Your Massachusetts Criminal Record

How to Obtain Your Massachusetts Criminal Record

You can now downlload a copy of your Massachusetts criminal record, by clicking on this link. 

You are also entitled to request and obtain a copy of your Massachusetts Driving Record.

The both the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Board of Appeal have access to your criminal record and they will review it during any hardship license hearing.

As part of the service we provide, a Suspended License Lawyer can obtain and review your Massachusetts Criminal Record. Contact us for details.

Having a lawyer review your Massachusetts driving and criminal records prior to any Board of Appeal hearing is extremely important. A lawyer may be able to spot “showstoppers” which might prevent you from obtaining hardship relief. The RMV Appeals Board with review your records during any appeal hearing. Therefore, you shoud have a lawyer go over these documents with you prior to any hearing or court appearance. Also, an attorney who specializes in Registry of Motor Vehicle matters may be able to identify license suspensions which were improperly imposed. Contact Attorney Brian E. Simoneau for more information about this important service.