Complaint Regulatory Suspensions

The Registry of Motor Vehicles Division of MassDOT imposes “complaint regulatory” license suspensions and registration revocations in a variety of circumstances. This is a generic type of administrative action which could be taken for any one of many reasons. A few examples of situations triggering “complaint regulatory” suspensions include maintaining a driver’s license which is incompatible with the Registry’s ignition interlock device requirements, allowing someone to operate your motor vehicle whose license was suspended or revoked, or allowing someone who has the ignition interlock restriction to drive your non ignition interlock device equipped vehicle. These are serious matters which could lead to criminal charges under Melanie’s Law, which makes it a criminal offense to knowingly allow someone with a suspended or revoked driver’s license to drive you car. It is also a crime to lend a non ignition interlock equipped vehicle to someone with a “Z” restriction on his or her license.

The Mass. Registry also imposes “complaint regulatory” suspensions when it receives information that a Massachusetts resident may have his or her motor vehicles illegally registered out of state. Under Massachusetts law, if you are a resident of Massachusetts you must have a Massachusetts Driver’s License issued by the Mass. RMV and you cannot register your vehicle elsewhere to avoid the payment of excise tax, registration fees, and automobile liability insurance which is compulsory in Massachusetts.

If an audit reveals that you have not provided sufficient documentation when applying for a Mass. License, identification card, or learner’s permit, or there is some problem with the documents which you submitted, the Registry may send you a notice which requires you to attend a hearing regarding a complaint regulatory.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles also uses “complaint regulatory” license and registration suspensions to bring a driver in for questioning by a RMV Hearings Officer in a variety of other situations. Generally, the driver is given thirty (30) days to appear at a particular Registry Branch. In some cases, complaint regulatory hearings are scheduled for particular times and dates. If you have received a letter from the RMV stating that your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration is going to be suspended or revoked due to a complaint regulatory, you are entitled to have a lawyer represent you. Depending on the reason for the complaint, it may be very beneficial hire a lawyer. Contact an attorney for a free review of your situation.

More Information Regarding Complaint Regulatory Suspensions

Complaint Regulatory License Suspensions

Complaint Regulatory Suspensions