Violations of the Mass. RMV Ignition Interlock Regulations will result in automatic 10 year or lifetime license revocations. Often times, these ignition interlock violations can be prevented. Many violations occur when a driver with a borderline blood alcohol reading starts his or her vehicle and experiences a rolling re-test violation shortly thereafter.

The Smart Start interlock instructions state that “warn” means “you may start your vehicle.” Although you will be able to start your vehicle, doing so might cost you your license. I have personally handled numerous cases where drivers had small amounts of alcohol in their systems and they were allowed to start their vehicles, albeit with the ignition interlock device displaying “warn.” Oftentimes, the driver’s alcohol readings will inexplicably increase while driving, and these readings will trigger rolling re-test interlock violations. These violations would have been prevented if the interlock user did not attempt to drive when the Smart Start IID displayed “warn.” If you have any alcohol at all in your system, even if it does not prevent your vehicle from starting, you absolutely should not drive. Borderline alcohol readings may increase during your trip and these readings may result in ignition interlock violations.