Some Massachusetts residents try to register their vehicles in other states to avoid the high cost of Massachusetts automobile insurance and excise taxes.  The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles prohibits this by requiring those who live here in Massachusetts to register their vehicles here.  Massachusetts residency is determined by several factors which include:  where the vehicle owner pays taxes, is registered to vote, claims his or her primary residence for homeowner’s insurance purposes, receives public assistance, claims primary residency for mortgage purposes, receives in-state tuition, and enrolls his or her children in school.

Massachusetts residents who are caught registering their vehicles out of state can be cited and charged either criminally or by a civil motor vehicle infraction citation in the amount of $500.00. Massachusetts police officers who work in communities which border other states are aware of this law and they may look for Massachusetts residents who have their cars registered elsewhere.

It is also important to remember that if you are a Massachusetts resident, you must have a Driver’s License issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Out of state driver’s licenses are only valid in Massachusetts if they are being used by non-residents. Mass. residents must have Massachusetts driver’s licenses.