The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requires those convicted of certain motor vehicle offenses to take specific driver re-training classes. The National Safety Council offers these remedial driving classes at various locations throughout Massachusetts.  You can now register for these classes on-line, using a credit card, on the NSC website.

The NSC offers the following 3 courses for Massachusetts Drivers:

DDC – Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving. The Registry of Motor Vehicles requires this mandatory 8 hour course for anyone who has 5 surchargable events on his or her Massachusetts Driving Record within any 3 year period. There is no way to get out of taking this class, if you are required by law to take it. The goal of this course is to reduce traffic violations and promote safe driving by training drivers to make good driving decisions and modify their driving behavior. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requires anyone seeking a hardship license on a 4 year habitual traffic offender revocation to have taken this class within 3 years of the application for a hardship license.


DDC – Alive at 25. The Mass. RMV requires Junior Operators to complete this mandatory 4 hour course when a JOL holder has been convicted of operating to endanger, speeding, or operating in violation of the JOL restrictions (e.g. unauthorized passengers or operation outside of JOL hours). This class is specifically targeted for drivers from 16 to 25 years old and must be completed prior to re-applying for a Massachusetts Driver’s License or trying to get a hardship license.


State Courts Against Road Rage SCARR Program. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requires any JOL License Holder who was convicted of speeding or drag racing to successfully complete the 4 hour SCARR Program. If the Registry requires completion of this program, there is absolutely no way to get your license back without it. Like the other 2 NSC courses, this class is offered throughout the state. The NSC offers the SCARR program in partnership with the courts and the Mass. State Police. It currently costs $75.00 for the SCARR program.