The Registry of Motor Vehicles routinely suspends or revokes the licenses of elderly drivers in Massachusetts as a result of complaints filed by physicians, police officers, and others. When a license is revoked for a “Complaint Immediate Threat” or a “Complaint Medical,” the driver whose license is suspended must usually go through a medical clearance process and competency road test. This process usually involves two hearings before the Driver Control Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Some elderly drivers have trouble passing competency road tests, because they have developed some bad driving habits over the years and they may not be driving in strict accordance with the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Laws and the “rules of the road.” Many Mass. drivers would have difficulty passing a road test conducted by a RMV examiner. Drivers may pick up bad habits over the years, which do not necessarily make them dangerous, unsafe, or bad drivers.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of passing a Registry of Motor Vehicles competency road test is to practice with a qualified Massachusetts Driving Instructor. Getting a driver’s education “refresher,” and doing a couple of simulated road tests, has been found to be very helpful to elderly drivers who are taking the RMV driving test, which can sometimes be difficult to pass without preparation.

The Board of Appeal of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance often orders the Registry to issue learner’s permits to elderly drivers who will take competency road tests. These Massachusetts Lerner’s Permits allow the driver to operate under the direction of a driving instructor, so that the elderly driver can prepare for his or her Registry road test. Adequate preparation can make the difference between passing and failing a Massachusetts Competency Road Test.