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3 Surchargable Event License Suspensions

Massachusetts Registry News

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is required by law to suspend your driver’s license or right to operate in Massachusetts if you have accumulated a certain number of moving violations and accidents over a two (2) year period.  For example, the Mass. RMV will automatically suspend your license, for an indefinite period of time, if you accumulate any combination of three (3) moving violations and/or surchargeable accidents within a 2-year period. This law went into effect on September 30, 2010. Previously, the suspension was only triggered when a driver accumulated 5 moving violations and/or “at fault” accidents. Only adjudications which entered on or after 09/30/10 will count toward the three surchargable event suspension. 

To avoid this surchargable events license suspension, you have ninety (90) days to provide proof to the RMV that you successfully completed an 8-hour National Safety Council Course. This is the only way to avoid this automatic loss of license. To enroll in the NSC Safety Course which the Registry requires, call 800-215-1581. Once the course is completed the National Safety Council will electronically notify the RMV Suspension Unit and the pending license suspension will be automatically cleared from your driving record without any reinstatement fee.

However, if you fail to complete the NSC class within the 90 day period, the Registry will automatically suspend your driver’s license or right to operate in Massachusetts and you will be charged a $100.00 fee to reinstate your license or right to operate, once you have completed the class and the RMV has been electronically notified of completion.

This suspension is mandatory under Massachusetts law and there is no way to get excused from completing the required NSC Class.

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