Registry and Police Conduct Surprise Bus Inspections in Brockton

mass_rmv_violationsMass RMV. Inspectors along with Brockton, Massachusetts Police Officers recently conducted surprise school bus inspections. Writing for The Enterprise, Reporter Matt Stout reported that inspectors cited bus drivers for driving without the required § 7D licenses as well as other violations such as non-inspection, tire tread depth violations, overloading their vehicles, and not having a required first aid kit on board.

This surprise inspection was a follow up to an operation conducted in 2009 where inspectors issued numerous citations for similar violations. This year’s operation involved 25 specially trained Registry inspectors and 15 police officers.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles will take administrative action against repeat offenders and, after hearings, it may suspend their licenses. Those who are unhappy with the results of their Registry hearings have the legal right to appeal any adverse ruling to the Division of Insurance, Board of Appeal.

This operation is part of the Registry’s efforts to prevent accidents and promote safety by cracking down on equipment and licensure violations committed by 7D drivers, who are entrusted with transporting children.