Massachusetts DUI & Habitual Traffic Offender Suspensions

Many Massachusetts DUI cases involve additional criminal charges such as negligent operation, operating to as to endanger, and leaving the scene of an accident.  For license suspension purposes, it is absolutely critical for DUI lawyers to carefully consider these charges and the severe consequences which result from being convicted of these relatively minor motor vehicle offenses. Sometimes, the drunk driving charge can distract an unsuspecting or inexperienced lawyer’s attention away from the other charges, which may be very important.

In Massachusetts, being convicted of DUI, leaving the scene, and operating to endanger or negligent operation, which are common charges, will automatically result in a mandatory 4 year habitual traffic offender license revocation.  Also, out of state offenses can be counted against Massachusetts residents or license holders. This 4 year HTO suspension will be imposed in addition to the mandatory suspensions associated with leaving the scene, DUI, and negligent operation or operating to endanger.

This 4 year habitual traffic offender trap can be avoided. A good DUI lawyer will obtain a not guilty verdict, dismissal or plea bargain which avoids the 3 convictions which trigger the habitual traffic offender license revocation. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, or charged with any other motor vehicle offense, you should have a lawyer who specializes in Massachusetts DUI or Mass. RMV cases obtain and thoroughly review your driving record to avoid a potential 4 year loss of license or other unpleasant surprises. There are 64 ways you can lose your license in Massachusetts and a good lawyer can help you avoid many of them. Alternatively, if you have been caughty in the “habitual traffic offender trap,” it may be possible to get back on the road with a Mass. Hardship License. Contact me to find out how.