Mass. Resident Involved in Connecticut Fatal Accident

vehicular_homicideBoston Globe reported today that an Everett, Massachusetts woman was charged with causing a fatal accident in Connecticut at approximately 11:00 PM on Friday. Lisa Delprete of Connecticut died at Lawrence Memorial Hospital as a result of severe head trauma which she sustained in the accident.

The Massachusetts driver, Dina Senibaldi was found to be operating after suspension and she had a warrant for her arrest out of the State of Florida. In addition to the driving while suspended charge, she was cited for possession of drugs and driving while intoxicated.

Under Melanie’s Law, in addition to whatever penalties the State of Connecticut imposes, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will revoke her Massachusetts license and right to drive for a period of fifteen (15) years, if she is convicted of vehicular homicide. This is because the law requires the Mass. RMV to revoke the license of a Massachusetts resident or license holder whenever the RMV is notified that the Registry committed a violation in another state, which would trigger an automatic license revocation, had the violation been committed here in Massachusetts. This prevents Massachusetts drivers from escaping Mass. consequences when they commit violations in other jurisdictions.