My license has been suspended due to the fact that I failed to complete the driver retraining program on time. I was ordered to take this class after I had received 3 tickets within 2 years for a bad sticker. One of which was my mother’s car. Then the year after I didn’t have the money right away to fix what I needed to get a sticker for my car right away. When I finally did get up the money the day I was taking the car to get fixed for the sticker I got pulled over. Then once again, I got stopped shortly after that driving my fiancé to work at 5am. I don’t believe I should have to take this course for having a bad sticker. It wasn’t a matter of reckless driving or speeding. It was a matter of not having money to fix my car for the sticker.  I don’t know if this is a mistake, it doesn’t seem fair.

Unfortunately, once you are required to take the class for accumulating surchargeable events, there is nothing that I can do. The law is clear and reinstatement orders from the Board of Appeal contain the following provision:

If you have not addressed: outstanding fines/fees related to the return of your motor vehicle license (ex: moving violations, excise tax, parking tickets, etc.); a requirement to complete a National Safety Council course; or reinstatement requirements for any out of state motor vehicle license suspension/revocation, any modification or issuance of a motor vehicle license by this Board will not be effective unless and until these requirements are satisfied.

You must take the class in order to get your license reinstated.