Pursuant to Melanie’s Law, G.L. c. 90 § 24 ½, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requires anyone with 2 or more DUI convictions or alcohol program assignments on his or her record to use the ignition interlock device during the term of any hardship license and for 2 years after getting a full license.

There are 5 authorized ignition interlock device vendors which the Registry has approved to service Massachusetts ignition interlock customers. They are as follows:

Ignition interlock devices sometimes register false positive readings and violations of the ignition interlock law and the Registry’s interlock regulations can result in a 10 year or lifetime license revocation. If you have received an ignition interlock violation notice, you should contact an experienced ignition interlock defense lawyer such as Attorney Brian E. Simoneau.

Attorney Simoneau is a recognized Ignition interlock devices expert and, in addition to defending clients charged with ignition interlock violations, he routinely consults with and assists other Massachusetts DUI Lawyers in the area of ignition interlock defense.