Marlboro Man Caught with Fake Mass. License

A Marlboro man who allegedly produced a false license when police stopped him in Westborough defaulted, last week, at his arraignment on 2nd offense DUI, operating after suspension, refusal to identify himself, and drinking from an open container of alcohol in Westboro District Court this week. If he is convicted of 2nd offense DUI, he will be required to have an ignition interlock device while on a hardship license and for 2 years after getting his full license.

The driver produced a license which identified him as Jose Ramon Maldonado-Natal. However, through fingerprints, Westborough olice determined that his real name was Luis Samayoa-Rodriguez. He fraudulently obtained the license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles using an acquaintance’s information. There is a default warrant out for the man’s arrest. The false license charge is a felony with the possibility of a 5 year state prison sentence.

The Massachusetts State Police and the Registry of Motor Vehicles now use sophisticated facial recognition software to identify drivers who have multiple licenses. The system was purchased after 9/11 to prevent identity fraud. The system Digimark Biometric Identification 2.0 is an extremely effective tool which prevents identity fraud. It has detected hundreds of individuals with fake Mass. licenses.