64 Ways to Lose your Mass. License

There are approximately 64 ways to lose your License or right to drive in Massachusetts. Suspensions reasons range from drunk driving to getting 3 speeding tickets in one year and license suspension periods range from 30 days to lifetime. Some license suspensions can be appealed and vacated entirely, while it is possible to get a hardship license for others. Depending on the suspension reason, it may be possible to get a hardship or work license from either the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Massachusetts Board of Appeal. In either case, you will need to attend a hearing and present certain evidence. Hardship licenses are not automatically granted and both the Board and the Registry are concerned about the risk to public safety associated with giving someone a hardship license. If you would like to appeal a Massachusetts License Suspension or you need a hardship license, please contact me.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau