2009 Massachusetts Safety Belt Usage Observation Study

A report was recently released regarding the results of the 2009 safety belt observation study conducted in Massachusetts. The purpose of this study was to evaluate safety belt usage in Massachusetts. The report found that Mass. seatbelt usage rates are rate lower than the national average. In Massachusetts, a seatbelt violation in and of itself, does not allow a police officer to stop a motorist. The seatbelt violation must be combined with another automobile law violation to justify the traffic stop. Also, adult seatbelt violations are not considered surchargable events for insurance premium calculations or for purposes of the Mass. law regarding 5 or 7 surchargable event license suspensions. The full report can be downloaded from the Mass. Executive Office of Public Safety website.

September 12-18 is National Child Passenger Safety Week.  The EOPSS Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program, in partnership with groups across the state, is arranging over a dozen checkup events where parents can have their child seats inspected and installed by nationally certified technicians.  The CPS Program is a statewide initiative made possible by federal grant funding. CPS aims to keep kids safe by educating parents and caregivers on the proper selection and use of child safety seats to ensure they have chosen the correct child safety or booster seat, that it is installed correctly, and that it’s used the same way each and every time they travel in their vehicle. To find a checkup event near you: www.mass.gov/childsafetyseats or call the Child Passenger Safety Hotline at 1-877-392-5956.